Georgia Day Café

All Bradley Creemos Academy meals are prepared by the Georgia Day Café, using the perfect balance of good taste and healthy ingredients. Details like the daily Frutas y Flores provided for the students at lunch (see above) and additional services like the fruit smoothies (see below) are just some of the offerings Georgia Day Café provides for the students at Bradley Creemos Academy.

Smoothie Contest

This last year Georgia Day Café put together a fruit smoothie flavor contest where the kids were encouraged to submit ideas for the next great flavor. We were so inspired by the many contest entrees that (4) new flavors were introduced from a combination of (2) primary contributors and (17) runners up!

The winners were announced at the beginning of May and the smoothie flavors can be seen above. Click on the image to see the details.

Free Food

Because a significant number of the students at Bradley Creemos Academy are not always sure where their next meal will come from, Georgia Day Café has secured funding to provide free food for all those in need (below 18 years of age) on campus through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).

January Menu:

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Adult Prices

Breakfast = $1.75
Lunch = $3.50
Salad = $1.50
Entrée = $1.50
Milk = $ .50
Fruit = $ .50

Dec 2016 Menu:

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Nov 2016 Menu:

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Oct 2016 Menu:

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